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Our Goal

To remain the benchmark for service, dedication, and flexibility by consistently meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations.


Our Mission

The IFS dedication exists to satisfy all customer expectations. This commitment enables our customers to successfully enjoy and develop their business competencies while we perform ours in delivering quality on time service.


The initiative is to commit to a cleaner tomorrow, which focuses on reducing fuel consumption and finding innovative ways to reduce carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Set governors on our trucks to limit speeds and monitor and reduce engine idling.
  • Reduce congestion by improving planning on dispatched trucks.
  • Use more productive truck combinations.
  • Use latest technology in truck engines available today for cleaner emissions
  • Started retro fitting our equipment with low resistance rolling tires to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Use Extra Low sulfur diesel
  • Aerodynamic packages
  • Driver training and awareness, speed, idling, stop/start.
  • Vehicle component recycling, tires, oil filters, oil, and parts.
  • Office recycling policies on paper, cardboard, plastics, metals, e-waste, water, wood and organics.
  • Building promotes the use of organic cleaners, recycled cups, and paper products.
  • Company core values in sustainability programs in training and education, recognition programs.
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